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Section 8 Information
Section 8 Housing Program Summary

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rental assistance program operated by the Housing Authority of the City of McKeesport (MHA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The program utilizes private rental units in the City of McKeesport and subsidizes the difference in the rent between the amount the family contributes (generally 30% of their monthly income) and the amount of the rent the owner charges.

The family applies to the MHA for this rental assistance and is placed on a waiting list according to date and time of the application.  When the MHA has Vouchers available, it will select families from the waiting list and determine their eligibility for the Section 8 program according to HUD requirements and MHA selection policies.  The MHA will verify income, family composition and complete a criminal background check. Once determined eligible, the family will be contacted to attend a “briefing session” where they will learn the program requirements and responsibilities as a tenant.  At the conclusion of the briefing session, the family will be issued a Voucher so that they can begin their search for decent affordable rental housing.  A family may wish to stay in their current unit if the owner is willing to participate in the program and the unit is in good condition. 

The MHA selects tenants according to HUD requirements and it’s own selection criteria.  The MHA does not determine family behavior or suitability which is the responsibility of the owner. 

When the landlord finds a Section 8 family interested in renting their unit, a Request for Tenancy Approval will be filled out by both parties and submitted to the Section 8 office along with the other required paperwork.  At that time we will schedule an inspection to determine if the unit passes HUD’s housing quality standards or what repairs would be needed in order for the unit to pass. 

Once the unit passes the inspection, a lease and contract will be executed and the housing assistance payments will begin. 

Although there are allowances given towards tenant paid utilities in calculating the family’s portion of the rent, the MHA does not pay towards security deposits or utilities.  They are the responsibility of the owner and tenant.  The Section 8 program only provides assistance towards the actual rent.

In addition, the MHA keeps a list of vacant units of landlords interested in participating in the program. You may list any properties that you have available by contacting our office.



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